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For a long time I had very low energy levels and a never ending lethargic feeling. I never quite understood what was the cause of it, as at the time I believed I followed a good balanced diet and had an ok life style. After my holidays to France where I indulged in a lot of cheese....my skin reacted badly and no product seemed to make it go back to normal. In midst of this I decided to see Miriam, and discuss what was happening. She listened and knew exactly what the cause of this was. The first treatment was amazing. Provided me with a lot of in depth information along with a plan for which foods to avoid and a remedy mix. 1.5 months later I feel great. My skin has never felt this good. My energy levels are great and everything is in balance. I would highly recommend her services to everyone.  Before you dose up on western medication do try an alternative route the benefits are amazing. I am forever grateful to Miriam for helping me. AR - Hertfordshire


Kinesiology delivered by Miriam, along with her understanding, insight and empathy have had a very significant and positive impact on my well-being.

Miriam solved a long-standing problem in one session, it was amazing, I truly cannot recommend her enough. MMc - Hertfordshire


When my business started to move in a new direction I found myself unable to go with the flow due to my phobia of video cameras! I was missing opportunities to move my business forward because I was turning down anything that may involve a video camera. 


That's when I was recommended to Miriam and after only a few sessions with her, I made the first video for my website after years of avoiding a camera! Okay so they're not perfect yet but just getting in front of the camera has been a huge breakthrough. A few months on and several more videos I don't get that awful fearful feeling when I face the camera anymore.


It was hard to imagine that I would ever see the day when I could comfortably get in front of a camera. I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to Miriam, I am so very grateful. –  JH Wirral

I started  to go and see Miriam in June 2011; she was recommended to me by a colleague at work.  At the time, I had quite a bit on my plate, pains in my shoulders and back, which no pills helped with I had bad headaches, a very poor digestion, difficulty in losing weight and feeling a bit depressed for various reasons.  So I thought I would give it a go and so glad I did! I instantly loved it.
Miriam is very professional and very knowledgeable and with regular reflexology and kinesiology, she has been able to help me out with everything.  It didn't happen overnight or by magic but it happened. Miriam is there to find out why these problems occur and it's not about giving pills out which only mask the problems.  It takes time and it takes money, but it is a choice we make and only we decide where our priorities are.
I have quite a bubbly and happy personality but in the last few years, it had all faded  away and I was constantly tired.  I went through the painful chapter of a brocken heart and having a few issues at work and thanks to my regular visits, I feel great again and I have a completely different outlook on life.  My old self is back, very positive and full of energy and many new projects in my head.
For anyone sceptical, I would say "give it a try", it is well worth it.  I have introduced my Dad and my brother to reflexology, they were both very sceptical... they are now converted and are enjoying the wonderful benefits of reflexology.
I am happy to discuss further if required. - MR Kings Langley

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