The Treatment

As everyone is unique, with a distinct set of issues, the focus of treatment is tailored to individual needs.

During your consultation you remain fully clothed whilst I:
* Take details of your lifestyle and general health to identify which areas you wish to improve
* Test muscles to identify specific areas of imbalances in the body
* Identify the triggers for any emotional issues or fears, and the best technique to help you
 I may also
* Check your response to specific foods, toiletries, substances
* Identify natural remedies and supplements to help you feel better
* Help you to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to specific areas of your body
I may recommend dietary plans, increasing intake of certain vitamins and minerals, avoidance of foods you are sensitive to, specific muscle massages, counselling and flower remedies.
Natural techniques are used to release blocked energy, eliminate toxins, release and relieve stress, identify and detect sensitivities, toxicity, parasites and food intolerances, support nutritional requirements, recommend relevant lifestyle changes and identify allergies and addictions including thought patterns and behaviours.

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