Code of Ethics

This code of ethics is intended to help practitioners of natural medicine to maintain a high standard of professional conduct and follow best practice in the area of natural medicine.
The practitioner should:
·   Consider the safety and welfare of the patient/client at all times.
·   In no way exploit the patient/client.
·   Consider the patient/client holistically, honouring their integrity, individuality, privacy and confidentiality.
·   Ensure that all advice and therapy given respects the patient/client's customs, beliefs and religion.
·   Recognise the value of other therapies and work with other practitioners and/or refer the patient/client if it is in the patient/client's best interests.
·   Improve his/her knowledge and skill continuously so they may offer the best standard of treatment.
·   Be aware that observing the code of ethics serves the need of the patient/client as well as maintaining the good name of the association and its members.
·   Contribute to the improvement and advancement of their chosen therapy.
·   Understand that the Governing Council of the ANM reserves the right to hold a disciplinary hearing and remove a practitioner from the register if they fail to observe the code of ethics and best practice of the association.

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