What can Kinesiology help?

Listed below are some of the conditions that have been helped with Kinesiology treatment:

     * Aches in Muscles and Joints – improving sports performance
* Arthritic Pain, Headache, Neck and Back Pain, ME Symptoms
* Asthma, Congestion, Intolerances
* Digestive Problems – Irritable Bowel, Bloating, Weight issues and Food Intolerances
* Fears, Phobias or Addictions
* Hormonal Symptoms – PMT, Period pains, Menopausal symptoms
* Learning Difficulties
* Low Confidence and/or Self Esteem
* Skin Complaints – Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Rashes
* Sports Injuries
* Stress, Anxiety, Depression
This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of the types of issues that can be relieved through Kinesiology

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